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Congratulations you've found the Shepherd. 

Churches in Brecon Nativity Trail
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Thank you to Brecon Motors for taking part in the

Churches in Brecon Nativity Trail

Back, when Jesus was born, shepherds weren't like farmers or shepherds today. They were the outcasts of society, people who weren't welcome in the town or anywhere really. They were smelly and poor and left out. Isn't it wonderful then that the first people who hear the news about Jesus being born are the shepherds! The angels don't tell the King or the leaders of the town but the very people who have been left out of everything and live on a hillside with sheep. God wanted everyone to know about the birth of His Son and so tells the shepherds because He knows they will get very excited and will be willing to run straight to see the new King, telling everyone they meet on the way!

Have a go at making your own shepherd gift tag or Christmas tree decorations!

Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 09.42.03.png

If you don't fancy sewing why not have a go using different coloured card. This is a Pinterest craft, click here to go to the image.

Upload a photo of your finished craft to Kensington Baptist Church Facebook page #BreconNativityTrail or send it via email to we'd love to see the finished artwork.

Don't forget, once you've found all 19 characters, send your completed scoresheet in, to Kensington Baptist Church, LD3 9AY. Include your name and a phone number so that we can get a prize to you. Have fun!

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