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Churches in Brecon
Nativity Trail 


Can you find us all?

Throughout Brecon there will be characters from the Nativity hidden in local shop and business windows.

Can you find all 19 characters?

From Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus to the camels and the sheep - they are all hidden for you to find!


Each character will have a QR code, click on the code and read about how that character fits into the story. You will also find a fun and easy craft to do at home. We would also love to see photos when you find any of them - add them to Kensington Baptist Church Facebook page and we can share them with Churches in Brecon. To win a prize - complete this Nativity trail sheet, naming the characters and their location. Return your completed sheet to Rev Emma Franks, Kensington Baptist Church, Brecon LD3 3DAY or send it via email to or take a screen shot of it and send via Whatsapp to 07739 722842.

We are very grateful to all our shops and businesses for being willing to be involved in this bit of Festive fun. We are so blessed with such a wonderful community here in Brecon.


Happy Christmas to you all. 

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