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Congratulations you've found Joseph. 

Churches in Brecon Nativity Trail
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Thank you to Clarks Gifts of Wales for taking part in the

Churches in Brecon Nativity Trail


Joseph was engaged to Mary at the beginning of the Nativity story. Because his family were from Bethlehem, he and Mary had to travel from their home in Nazareth and be registered (a bit like the national census we have in this country that happens every 10 years) back in Bethlehem. When Joseph found out Mary was pregnant he thought about calling off their engagement but an angel visited Joseph in the night and told him not only to marry Mary but also to call the baby Jesus. 

You could just make Joseph or you could make Mary and Joseph.  
How creative are you feeling today?

For full instructions on how to make your own Joseph click here.

Upload a photo of your finished craft to Kensington Baptist Church Facebook page #BreconNativityTrail or send it via email to we'd love to see the finished artwork.

Don't forget, once you've found all 19 characters, send your completed scoresheet in, to Kensington Baptist Church, LD3 9AY or email it to Include your name and a phone number so that we can get a prize to you. Have fun!

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