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Churches in Brecon Nativity Trail

Congratulations you've found Balthasar, one of the wise men. 

Thank you to Brecon Tap for taking part in the Churches in Brecon Nativity Trail

churches in brecon-logos.jpeg

 Even though the wise men followed a star they didn't find Jesus straight away. They thought, because they were looking for a King, he would be somewhere posh. So they went to the palace. There the wise men met King Herod. King Herod didn't like the idea of another King, challenging his power, so he told the wise men to continue their search and when they had found Jesus to return to the palace so that he could worship the new King too. It was all a trick though! Find Melchoir to find out what the wise men actually did. He's hiding somewhere in a window display in Brecon. 

Have a go at making a wise men Christmas card!

For full instructions and a list of all you'll need click here

Upload a photo of your finished craft to Kensington Baptist Church Facebook page #BreconNativityTrail or send it via email to we'd love to see the finished artwork.

Don't forget, once you've found all 19 characters, send your completed scoresheet in, to Kensington Baptist Church, LD3 9AY or email it to Include your name and a phone number so that we can get a prize to you. Have fun!

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